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Haven Extras Summer 2022

Kitties of Disneyland – the kingdom’s keepers

Did you know that there is a population of 200-plus feral cats that live in the grounds of Disneyland, who are tasked with helping to control the theme park’s rodent population?

They’re neutered and supported with an infrastructure built specifically for them, including hidden feeding stations and veterinary care when required. First introduced in 1955, Disneyland doesn’t publicly talk about these invisible employees, preferring their rodent-eliminating staff members to perform their critical role during the nightshift when the park isn’t teeming with visitors.

Best of Book Week

With our August socials flooded with adorable Book Week costumes, we were reminded of the efforts families across the country put into interpreting their kids literary favourite. Send in a photo of your rugrats homemade Book Week costume and $1,000 could be yours, if we’re delighted by the creativity.

How: send your photo to placing Book Week in the subject line, including the book title and any backstory you may have.

Include: your name, address, email, phone number and the name of your mortgage broker.

Dates: opens on November 11 and closes on January 11.

Winner: will be decided by January 12 and notified by telephone.

Terms and conditions: visit

Congratulations to Jennifer for winning $1,000 for sharing this amazing, history-filled story about a precious, old thing she has at home.

This little wooden box was carved in New Guinea by my grandfather when he served as an armourer during World War II (he also fought in World War I in the trenches in France when he was 17). The lid is Perspex from a downed plane and he painted the little scene on it. My grandfather was a carpenter and this box is beautifully made and lovingly polished.

My grandfather made two identical wooden boxes and brought them back with him on furlough in 1943, giving one to my mother (his only child) and one to her close friend, Pat. Pat lived behind Mum’s home and across a small lane. Pat was four years older than Mum. My grandfather built seats against the back fence during the polio epidemic in the late 1930s when children were not allowed to go to school and the two girls would play together – separated by two fences and a lane.

Mum gave her little box to my sister when I was 12. However, fortunately for me, Pat generously gifted me her little box, as seen pictured here, five years ago. Pat and my mother’s friendship lasted over 90 years until Pat’s recent death.

I look at this little box and it reminds me of my grandfather and his sacrifice – leaving his family, closing his business and going to war again at the age of 42. It reminds me of two little girls playing together – my mother and Pat and the love my grandfather had for them. It also reminds me of my sister because this little box is unique but also one of a pair and she has the matching one.

It is 79 years old and very precious.

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