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Haven Extras Autumn 2023

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Feed your brain, feed the world

Freerice is an online educational trivia game that makes you smarter while you make a difference. For every answer you get right on the multiple-choice quiz, Freerice donates the cash equivalent of ten grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Private sponsors match the rice grain donations generated, triggering a payment to WFP. 100 per cent of all Freerice funds generated goes to the WFP. The money supports the organisation’s ongoing emergencies, with more than 100 million people receiving life-saving food and assistance across more than 80 countries each year. The quiz has five levels of difficulty in categories such as art, culture, history, geography, language, maths and science. As you play, a counter keeps a running tally of the number of grains you’ve donated. You can play alone or get competitive by creating a group.