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Haven Extras – Summer 2018

BBQ smarts

Let some instructions fall into your lap, rather than the lamb chop fat. This dual action apron will save the sausage sizzle splattering your clothes as it dishes out every BBQ hint and tip you could possibly want for (all from an upside down perspective for easy reading by the tong wielder). From freezing and defrosting instructions, to temperature guides and cooking times for protein and veg, recipes for marinades and sauces and a stack of BBQ tips and tricks – this clever combo is both a trusted protector and advisor.

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For the dog parent who cares as much about their doggie’s diet as their own, this is an informative, practical guide to cooking healthy, nutritious meals for man’s best friend. Whether you’re committed to weaning your hound off commercial foods entirely and want guidance on how to do it right, or would just like to occasionally supplement their diet with something home-cooked for a special occasion – like Fido’s birthday – you’ve found the ultimate guide. Authored by a doctor of veterinary science with a PhD in animal nutrition, the easy-to-follow recipes are backed up by detailed, scientific information. Just like humans, animal illness can be traced to a poor diet made up of processed food made with preservatives. Feed Me provides the antidote to that (and as a bonus: is filled with the most adorable line drawings of dogs). It sets out meal plans for dogs of every age, breed, weight and activity level.
We’ve included one of the Feed Me recipes in Haven Food. If you love the idea of making it for your four-legged friend, see the author’s note regarding supplements included below. Supplements are required if you plan to move your dog over to a home-cooked diet, but if you make Haven Food as a once-off to try the recipe out on your pet, you may choose to omit the supplement on a once-off basis.
Phaidon Press RRP $39.95
Author’s note on supplements: although varied and balanced, a dog’s homemade diet must always include the use of supplements. These are essential to fill the various nutritional deficiencies which derive from the loss of nutrients during cooking and the difficulty of administering bones and viscera in a daily and domestic context. It is true that a prey-based diet could satisfy all the nutritional needs of a dog, but in our daily lives our pet does not have this availability. The supplement we suggest to use is Balance IT®, which is available online. In most cases, this is the only supplement needed for dishes in this book.

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Pork and chicken stew with rice

From Feed Me (see Haven Review)
Makes 1kg of dog food
1 cup white rice
230g carrots
1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
230g chicken livers
120g chicken breast or thigh, chopped
175g pork neck or shoulder, chopped
1 tbsp sunflower oil
3 tbsp supplement – see author’s note in Haven Review
Boil the rice in plenty of water for at least 20 minutes (or at least 5 minutes longer than is indicated on the packet): it should be very soft. Drain and leave to cool.
Boil the carrots; leave to cool, mash to a purée and add to the rice. Mix in the olive oil and set aside. Sear the chicken livers on a griddle (heavy frypan) using no oil, taking care not to brown them (if necessary, use a little water to prevent this). Leave to cool and chop finely.
Steam the chicken and pork for 10 minutes. Leave to cool.
Add the chicken livers to the other meats, mix in the sunflower oil and add the dietary supplement. Serve the stew with the carrot rice.
Twist: substitute the pork for the same amount of chicken breast; it will make it lighter.
Keep your dog’s health in mind: extra-virgin olive oil is a natural antioxidant with anti-ageing properties.

Weight of dogMeal serving size
Any advice contained in this article is of a general nature only and does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. Therefore, before making any decision, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice with regard to those matters. Information in this article is correct as of the date of publication and is subject to change.