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Haven Win Spring 2021


Crying Santa photo

 While it might feel premature to be talking of Christmas in August, in the spirit of planning ahead we aim to publish the entries in the December edition of Haven. Crying, terrified children and Santa photos go together like honey and a bee. So in preparation for the festive season we’re looking for a photo of your uncooperative offspring meeting the big man in the red suit. Send in your family’s version of your little one/s not enjoying their photo opportunity with Father Christmas for the chance to win $1,000.

How: send your photo to placing ‘Santa photo’ in the subject line.

Include: your name, address, email, phone number and the name of your mortgage broker.

Dates: opens on August 17 and closes on October 13.

Winner: will be decided on October 14 and notified by telephone after this time.

Terms and conditions: visit

Congratulations to Maddy for submitting this handy household tip. Judging by the number of packets of fresh herbs the Haven team members have thrown out after they’ve gone brown and sludgy in the fridge, Maddy’s tip is looking to be our new favourite.

How to stop fresh cut herbs from dying

Are you over buying a bunch of coriander, mint, basil or parsley only to watch it go slimy and die after a few days? Have I got a hack for you! Use this trick and your next packet of fresh soft herbs will last weeks instead of days.

Step 1: wash the herbs, trim a few millimeters off the end of the stems and put them in a glass of water (like a bunch of flowers).

Step 2: place a large ziplock bag upside-down over the top of the herbs. Zip the bag up around the glass.

Step 3: using a rubber band, further secure the ziplock bag onto the glass, this will keep it tight.

I did this a week ago with this bunch, and look how fresh the herbs have stayed:

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